Advanced Myofascial Techniques

with Til Luchau

23 - 25 June 2017

London Finsbury Park

Advanced Myofascial Techniques

This course is designed for all manual therapy practitioners and advanced students in massage, bodywork, cranial-sacral therapy, Rolfing, Feldenkrais Functional Integration, Alexander Technique or similar.

The advanced myofascial techniques are based on Til Luchau’s diverse background and years of experience. He combines his interdisciplinary approach and big picture ideas into practical, real-world and easy to learn applications.

Or even better, come along, open up to new ideas, expand your tool set and be inspired.

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Headaches & Migraines, (Advanced Myofascial Techniques series)

Learn advanced myofascial techniques that dramatically improve your ability to work with common types of head, sinus, and eye pain, including common headaches, migraines, cluster headaches, etc.

1-day, Friday 23 June 2017


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Neck, Jaw & Head Parts I & II (Advanced Myofascial Techniques series)

Learn advanced myofascial techniques for reducing pain and balancing neck function. Dramatically improve your skills for working with fixations, whiplash, migraines, jaw issues, and more.

2-days, Saturday 24 - Sunday 25th June 2017


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Til Luchau

Til is a popular presenter and author of the bestselling Advanced Myofascial Techniques books. As a Certified Advanced Rolfer®, he is a former faculty member and Coordinator of the Rolf Institute's Foundations of Rolfing Structural Integration program. His regular Myofascial Techniques column has appeared in Massage & Bodywork magazine since 2009, and his articles have been published in magazines and peer reviewed technical journals in Australia, Canada, Poland, the UK, and the USA. Formerly a resident practitioner at the Esalen Institute, Chair of the Rolf Institute’s Teacher Training Committee, and Adjunct Faculty member of Naropa University’s Somatic Psychology Department, he has trained thousands of practitioners in his courses at schools and centers in over a dozen countries on six continents.

Til directs, for a preview of his courses check out his YouTube Channel


London Academy, Finsbury Park, 46 Clifton Terrace, London, N4 3JP View on Google Maps


23 - 25 June 2017

Friday & Saturday 9:00 AM – 5:30 pm
Sunday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

How Much

£150.00: HEADACHES & MIGRANES (1-day)

£290.00: NECK, JAW & HEAD (2-days)

£420.00: ALL (3-days)


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About us

We are two passionate manual therapists and bodywork geeks who love to learn and we want to learn with you


Rodger Davis

Rodger first trained as a sports massage therapist and later qualified in KMI Structural Integration (Anatomy Trains UK). He has since completed many CPD courses including a number of the Advanced Myofascial Technique series and speciality courses.

He is an executive director and vice chair of the Sports Massage Association.

Rodger’s soft tissue therapy and structural integration practice is in Camden Town London NW1 which he shares with his wife Sue, a classical Chinese acupuncturist and Homeopath.

Ramona Peoples

Ramona qualified in Structural Integration (KMI Anatomy Trains) with Tom Myers and James Earls. She is studying and working with Til Luchau towards her certification in Advanced Myofascial Techniques.

Ramona is also a Yoga (CamYoga), Pilates and Applied Functional Science (Gray Institute) teacher .

She divides her manual therapy and movement teaching practice between Blackheath SE3 and Cambridge CB1.